How Do You Actually Gain Fat?

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How Do You Actually Gain Fat?

Did you ever wonder why and how you gained weight or why you suddenly look, what some would call, fat? Did you ever wonder how or why BMI (Body Mass Index) was created?  You probably always think, I don’t need to know my BMI, I can just tell by looking in the mirror that I’ve gained fat.  Why do I need to measure my fat?  What is Body Mass Index anyway?  You’ll be surprised to learn WHO discovered BMI and WHY it was developed in the first place!

Do you ever think you just need to take weight off your mid-section or your thighs or under your arms and then you’ll be fine?  You probably already know that you can’t just do sit-ups to lose belly fat, but do you know why?  Have you ever heard that you can eat whatever you want as long as you do it in moderation?  There is actually a reason for that, and you’ll be interested to find out why.  What actually happens to the fat you lose when you lose weight?

Get all your answers to these questions and many more in the VIDEO below.

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