The Best Fruit & Seed Salad Ever With A Touch Of Spinach


Pomegranate and Butternut Squash Spinach Salad I was looking for a light and nutritious salad to get away from the every day traditional salads I’d been eating for lunch. I came across this wonderful salad made with pomegranates and butternut squash. It sounded interesting and, in my […]

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How Do You Actually Gain Fat?

Fat Sign 620

How Do You Actually Gain Fat? Did you ever wonder why and how you gained weight or why you suddenly look, what some would call, fat? Did you ever wonder how or why BMI (Body Mass Index) was created?  You probably always think, I don’t need to […]

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Many Amazing Fruits That Help You Lose Weight Despite What You’ve Heard


You Definitely WANT Fruits In Your Diet And Here’s Why! We’ve all heard that eating more fruits and vegetables in our diet helps us shed the pounds. Lo and behold, it’s true! You will be fascinated to learn what fruits you should add to your daily diet […]

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What Do You Want Your Friends To Tell You When You Announce, “I’m Fat!”?

You Tell Your Friend, “I’m Fat!” Now What? If your goal is to get back to the “real you,” the person you were before you gained all this weight, you have to find people to support your way back to “you!” Whenever we weigh much more than […]

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[VIDEO] Is It Your Fault You’re Fat?

What Is The Food Industry Not Telling You? Sometimes it just seems easier to grab a bag of chips to get you through to the next meal. Perhaps it’s easier to pour a bowl of cereal on your way out the door to work than it is […]

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Yoga – Studies Show It Stimulates Weight Loss Hormone

Warrior Pose

“Yoga Stimulates Weight Loss Hormone”> The University of Arizona team found five habits fostering success: • frequency of practice; • frequency of practice; • longer intervention duration; • yogic dietary component; • residential component; • comprehensive inclusion of home-practice component Adiponectin Found In Short Supply in Overweight People […]

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