Many Amazing Fruits That Help You Lose Weight Despite What You’ve Heard


Exotic Fruits

Let’s not leave out the more exotic fruits, the ones we find more often on a vacation in Hawaii or on a Caribbean cruise. Why not bring those fruits into your kitchen and just pretend like you’re on vacation? It will make your healthy eating seem a lot less stressful and a bit more relaxing. Take some to the pool your next day out and let the other sunbathers drool – not only over the fruit, but on the body you’re about to reveal!

10. Coconut


Coconuts contain healthy medium chain fatty acids to help increase your metabolism. Instead of being stored as fat, when digested coconuts are converted into energy to help increase your metabolism so your body can burn more calories.  If you do not eat enough fat, your body will increase the fat production making enzymes. Thus why many people on low fat diets experience intense cravings because their body needs fat.  Source

This is very good news! Since coconut is not stored in the body where it can be turned into fat, it is a nice alternative to other snacks and, since it metabolizes in our bodies, it will provide us with energy without raising our blood sugar.  Being that the saturated fat in coconuts is different from the saturated fat we try to avoid, this sounds like a good excuse to replace all our other cooking oils with coconut oil.

11. Pomegranate


You only eat the seeds found inside this exotic fruit which provides you with tons of nutrients, including many weight loss benefits.  Studies have shown the fruit attacks the fat before it can even be stored in your body. If you have a hard time being regular, these seeds will do the trick with their high fiber content. In fact, because of that, you will also eat less because you’ll be fuller longer. Source

The seeds of the pomegranate are so pretty that they would be a nice little fruit to put in a bowl on your desk to nibble on while you work. Not only does the pomegranate possess many weight loss benefits, but apparently it also reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol that contributes to plaque that can clog the arteries) and increases HDL (the good cholesterol that helps remove the LDL from your arteries).

12. Mangoes

mangoimage credit: Serious Eats

A mango is a rich source of antioxidants and fiber and thus is beneficial for anyone who wishes to lose weight. A mango provides 3 grams of fiber which helps you to feel full longer and thus ward off any cravings. Eating mangoes to lose weight is recommended as it is a natural fruit which helps to burn fat and calories. Mangoes are low in calories, do not contain sodium or fat and have a high amount of vitamins and minerals in them. The fiber content in mangoes also helps to keep one feeling full for a longer period of time. Source

Mangos would be a great fruit to have while following a low calorie diet since eating concentrated sources of vitamins and nutrients only makes sense. Be sure to consume mangos in moderation, however, because they are high in sugar compared to their sister fruits aiding you in your weight loss.  On the other hand, it is a natural sugar food source so they also provide fiber, which helps your digestion system run smoothly.

13. Papayas

image credit: Bold Sky Limitless Living

Fresh papaya is low in energy density, or calories per gram. Consuming foods that are low in energy density, such as most fruits and vegetables, allows you to fill up without consuming a lot of calories, making it easier to lose weight. Source

Again, another fruit to help you fill up faster while consuming a low-density food. With a considerable amount of dietary fiber to promote a feeling of fullness to control your cravings, you can’t lose by adding this fruit to your diet. Papaya is full of both water and fiber, which will only serve to benefit your digestive health. It’s also been known to lower inflammation as well as any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Stress can cause inflammation, and just worrying about weight loss is stress enough!

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