Fit Again Naturally Began with Weight Loss

Why Weight Loss with Fit Again Naturally?

Do you remember those times when you’ve looked at a photo of yourself and thought, “Gee, I remember back then when I thought I needed to lose weight. If only I could be that weight now.”? Then you look at a photo of yourself even farther back and think, “OMG, I was really fit then! I’d give anything to be that fit again.”

I looked in the mirror one day and didn’t even recognize myself. Who was this woman with the proverbial “muffin-top,” big girl panties, beltless pants, oversized shirt, and long sweater strategically worn to hide the rolls? I thought, “So this is what it’s come down to, dressing to hide what I don’t want anyone to see?”

Worse than that, when was the last time I could cross my legs or fold them under me as I sat on the floor? When was I ever going to look down and see my toes again? Where did my slim neck and 24” waist go? What about those shapely shoulders, toned biceps, and muscular calves? Where oh where has my little body gone? As I approached the entrance to my massive closet, I was dying to dive into the deep, over-stuffed abyss of gorgeous threads, and slip something on like I once had – a slim pair of jeans, a fancy belt, a button-down white blouse, and a waist-length tight-fit jacket. I wanted to see “me” again and not the unfamiliar woman who kept visiting me in my mirror!

This, my friends, is how “Fit Again Naturally” was born. I knew I wanted to be “fit again” like I once was, and I was certain that there were men and women around the world who felt exactly the same way. Since I needed to “Rediscover the Real Me,” I thought perhaps maybe others did, too. One thing I knew for sure, I wanted the new relationships in my life to know me as I once was – the vibrant, fit, toned-body, stylishly-dressed and happy wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister and woman across the room who actually attracted attention! It was time to make a change because I knew that getting myself back again meant I could stop hiding from the world and start smiling again.

My biggest challenge was always feeling hungry so I wanted to start with something that would suppress my appetite and do wonderfully natural things after that. My research and studies brought me to two wonderful products called Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract. I wanted to be able to offer people like me a choice of products that would set them on their way to weight loss success.

Let the challenge begin. I want to invite you to take this journey with me by joining me and my FANs in starting your supplements today and tracking your success. Send me YOUR story, your testimonials, your before-and-after photos, your eating and exercise tips, your recipes, and let’s start a conversation. Let’s do this together!

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